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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve Got Team Spirit

What Classes do you run?

Gresford Classic Trials Club has its roots in the Pre 65 and Classic Twinshock class.

We also acknowledge the rise in popularity in the Air Cooled Mono machines and the fact that some people just enjoy the sport more on modern monos. We will always exist as a Pre 65 and Twinshock club but welcome bikes of all classes in their own competitive group.

What routes do you run?

We now offer 4 routes to suit all capabilities. Our white route is aimed at beginners or those wanting not to exert themselves. Our next class is the yellow route, offering a clubman class for those taking the first improving steps. Our green route is classed as intermediates and provides the bridge between clubman and our blue/red Experts route. These routes are the same across the bike classes .

Do I need a competition licence?

Yes, in order to compete you need either an IOPD, AMCA or ACU licence. A day or annual licence is available as part of your signing on.

How much are your events?

Event entry is £20 for Adults and youths (under 18) being £10

What riding protection should I wear?

As a minimum, a pair of regulation trials boots (such as Gaerne Balance or Forma Boulder) must be worn. We also request that all riders wear a trials helmet (such as a Hebo Zone 5 or Wulfsport Airflo). Lanyard kill switches are not compulsory but always recommended.

How does your observation work?

We operate under standard “observed trials” scoring with a no-stop, front spindle in/front spindle out section entry/exit.

Can I ride a modified bike?

Yes, part of the attraction of keeping the Pre 65 and Twinshock classes alive is the engineering and modifications some riders like to take to their bikes. We adopt a “common sense” approach. 

What if I am a learner?

In order to encourage not only people moving into / over to the twinshock and Pre 65 classes but also create a friendly safe competition environment for beginners. If it is your first couple of events and would like a buddy to ride around with you that can happily be arranged.

Do you run a Championship Round?

Yes we do. This normally consists of 10 rounds during the year. In order to be eligable for the Championship, you must both register you intent for contest a class and also complete at least 6 rounds in your chosen class.

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